Wheeler Rex Pipe Shut off Tools - FAQ

Shut Off Tools

Are there different types of shut off tools for copper and plastic pipe?

Yes. Our copper shut off tools are invaluable for maintenance and installation of soft copper service lines where they can shut off, hold, and restore flow quickly and easily. They are handy for quick repairs with their swing-out design.

Our shut off tools for plastic pipe are unique portable valves that shut off the flow of either water or gas in Polyethylene or Polybutylene plastic pipe. They are especially handy for fast on-the-spot repairs.

Can you use these on steel?

No, Please call us for units that can shut-off steel pipe

How do I use the Wheeler Rex Shut Off Tool for Copper Pipe?

To shut off flow, place tool over tube, swing dies onto guide rods and latch. Tool handle can be repositioned for confined working spaces. Use ratchet to compress shut-off dies. Needs only enough compression to stop slow. Watertight closure is maintained while the tool (or holding clamp) is affixed to the tube. To restore flow, remove tool and rotate 90". Using the bottom two dies, reattach tool so that the reforming dies are properly located around the flattened tube edges. Use ratchet to compress reforming dies. Die shape will prevent over-forming and fatiguing tube walls as flow is restored.s

How do I use the Wheeler Rex Shut Off Tool for the Gas #77 Model?

Each end of the upper die is fitted with a closure stop cam. Rotate the cams to the size/type line to be shut-off. The cams restrict closure travel so as to limit compression cold flow. Do not use this shut-off tool on metal pipe or tubing. Back off the compressor screw to release the lower die and engage the tool over the pipe. Swing the lower die back over the guide rod and seat it on the guide rod nuts. Center the pipe between the guide rods and turn the compressor screw using the ratchet provided until flow has been shut-off. Wait 30-60 seconds and then tighten the compressor screw again. The unique flat compression faces result in positive shut-off with minimum cold flow.

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