Hot Dam Heat Stopping Compound and Gel Spray - FAQ

Hot Dam Heat Compound

When would I use Hot Dam Compound or Gel Spray?

Anytime you use pipe freeze equipment that places an ice plug inside the plug and need to solder or weld the repair you should use Hot Dam. It removes most of the heat that melts ice plugs and protects your freeze jackets or clamps so your job goes smoothly. You can reuse it over and over again saving you money vs. the spray gels.

How does the Hot Dam Gel Spray differ from Hot Dam?

Hot Dam Gel Spray does basically the same thing but does the job differently. It can be used to spray on to protect sheet rock or wood so a soldering flame doesn’t do damage. Perhaps you are high up in the ceiling or a tight spot. This will work better than the compound style. It dries clear without residue, so there’s no messy clean-up required.